All Good Things Come to an End

Last three nights in Belgium! I can’t believe the time has gone so fast – especially when you having fun I guess. It feels like I’m slowly waking from a dream and soon I will be returning home. Of course, there is also a feeling of excitement to return home to friends and country.


I will indeed remember this time in Europe with much fondness. All the while the soundtrack that I will hear in my head when thinking back will include the following tracks since they have been on a playback loop on TMF Channel and JIM Channel (Belgian TV rocks):

The strange thing however of my time here is that I’ve been all around Belgium (such as Amsterdam, Mainz, and Paris) but nowhere in Belgium apart from Antwerp where we have been staying. We remedied that yesterday by visiting Ghent and will visit Brugge and Brussels before my departure on Saturday.

Our visit to Ghent yesterday hosted by Kathy Vlieghe (HR4DEV organizer) and Didier Reynaert (lecturer) was truly spectacular. In spite of many of us still having to work on and finalize our paper (which had to be submitted the next day) we thoroughly enjoyed the excursion.

Across the Station Gent-Sint Pieters (Ghent)

On our adventure, Kathy guided us through her highlights starting off with some gelato first then making our way through parks, ponds, and museums of modern art.

Kathy and son treating us to gelato

download (5)

We were then escorted to what I would consider a true gem – an open air library (Schoolmuseum Michel Thiery). There anyone can take a book and either replace it with another or make a donation in a box provided for. This site was truly amazing and unthinkable in the African context where I come from.

Open Air Library
Open Air Library

We concluded our visit with a boat ride on the canal (with an excellent tour guide explaining historic features), drinks at De Gulden Valk and dinner at Gök 2 (a splendid Turkish restaurant).

At Sint-Michiels Brugge
At Sint-Michiels Brugge

We eventually got back to Antwerp around midnight – pleased with the graces we have received.

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