Canal Pride 2012

Revisiting my blog over the last month in Europe I realise that there is a gap as far as my weekend (3-5 August 2012) with my cousin (Seraj) in Holland in concerned. That was also the first weekend that I ventured out of Belgium, which brought with it the excitement of new discoveries.


Disembarking at ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), Seraj picked me up at the train station and we spent a quiet Friday night in to be fresh for our siege of Amsterdam the next day for Canal Pride 2012.


After a morning walk, Seraj and I set out for Amsterdam (taking no prisoners). The train station was an absolute frenzy – it seemed the entire world was descending on the city for the gay festival.

Arriving at our destination we were welcomed with a burst of summer rain – just a flash.

Outside the central station
Seraj "going native" with his pink ensemble
Seraj “going native” with his pink ensemble

Making our way through the crowds we came upon various squares and streets lined with festal revelry – from De Dom all the way through to Vondelpark and the Red Light District.

Getting a hotdog in the park

There were two magical spots: the canals and Rembrandt Square.

With the sun beating down, we managed to find enough shade to enjoy the parade travelling along the city watercades. Those on their floats embraced us with a symphony of colour.

As if that was not enough, the happy assault on our senses continued in Reeprijplaten were DJs entertained a maddening crowd, dancing the day and night away.

Shake what 'yo momma gave ya
Shake what ‘yo momma gave ya

That weekend was one to remember – none of which would have been possible without my cousin’s hospitality. Thanks cuz!!!

Yes at that stage we were WIFIspotting – Starbucks being the perfect oasis for free access

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