Gareth Duncan: Entrepreneur in Focus

Gareth Duncan2

Entrepreneur: Gareth Duncan, Twitter: @MRGarethDuncan

Owner & Founder: Cape Town LatelyEditorial Director: The Media CrowdEditor: MyPlayers brand

To continue the showcase of young entrepreneurs I asked Gareth Duncan to share his five tips that make for a good and prosperous entrepreneur.


  • Take risks, but be calculated. Be aware of the pros and cons before making big decisions.
  • Back yourself. Always. You will never achieve anything if you don’t put in the necessary effort and make the required sacrifices. Always remember “entrepreneurship is living life in a way that most people won’t, so that one day, you can live life in a way that most people can’t” (Warren G Tracy’s student).
  • Once you spot the gap, hit it hard. Whether it’s a gap in your community or on a national scale, be sure you get maximum return on all your business opportunities.
  • Customer service is important, especially during the beginning stages. One happy client could earn you 10 more.
  • Embrace new technology and social media. There are many effective ways in the digital age to grow your business and give it exposure, which doesn’t have to be costly.

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