Jamie Litt: Entrepreneur in Focus

Entrepreneur: JAMIE LITT, Founder: Ubuntu BikesTwitter: @UbuntuBikes

Jamie LittI recently procured a retro gold racer from Ubuntu Bikes, custom built from the ground up. Based on the superb customer experience I had I wondered what makes the founder of Ubuntu Bikes tick. As such find Jamie’s five tips that make for a good and prosperous entrepreneur.


  • Keep an eye on the big picture but don’t let it overwhelm you. Keep chipping away at your idea one step at a time.
  • Good customer service costs you nothing and is more powerful than the most expensive advertising and marketing.
  • The small details and special touches to your concept or business model can elevate you above the competition.
  • Find a mentor to bounce ideas around with, but don’t be beholden to their advice. Trust your own judgment.
  • Make your passion your business. However successful you are you will always enjoy your job.


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