Hipster Tendencies & Randonneurs

Everyone who knows me well knows that I prize form and function above all else, for what is life worth if it isn’t a thing of beauty? This hippie philosophy extends to every aspect of my life. The Urban Dictionary defines hipsters as “a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art […] creativity, intelligence, and witty banter”. It is said that a fixie is the hipster’s main form of transportation. Not too long ago I blogged about Jamie Litt, founder of Ubuntu Bikes. We collaborated on a project to transform a vintage racer into my own gold stallion.

The before shot
The before shot

Jamie described our creative synergy thus: “So many of the bikes we produce have a very special appeal both during the creative process and afterwards. But this one has been one of our highlights for 2014. Being given a very specific vision of colours, yet being allowed a guiding input into components and the overall look is a winning combination. And this bike captured that symbiosis perfectly. Thanks to Alexis for this commission, his input and his trust in us in making his vision come to life!”

The after shot
The after shot

If ever you are looking to custom build your own fixie then Ubuntu Bikes is definitely the ideal provider for bespoke customer service, attention to detail and the conduit for making your biking dreams a reality. If you are going to invest in a custom two-wheeler you may as well look cute while leisurely pedaling down the promenade.


  • 65cm gents Raleigh racer
  • Metallic gold spray paint for frame and forks
  • Rechromed all chromed parts
  • Bespoke wheels using existing rims
  • Mustache handlebars
  • Cork bar end for the handles
  • Recovered saddle and handle grips with custom leather
  • Painted matching gold bell
  • Resized mudguards
  • Kickstand add-on
  • Total price: 6850 ZAR but the riding experience is priceless

The one accessory to pimp my ride to perfection is a bike wine holder from Men’s Society. After all, wine and hipster culture are synonymous.

Imagine how handy this would be when visiting friends?
Imagine how handy this would be when visiting friends?

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