We are all too aware of the challenges incumbent in creating and sustaining a personal brand. Lee Ashton Buckton may just be onto something good when it comes to accomplishing that with some finesse. I interviewed Lee Ashton on the rise of his music career and the influences that keep his career moving forward.

Lee1On your twitter bio you describe yourself as: “Singer, Radio Personality, Model, Film Maker … Bulldozer, Go-Getter”. It certainly paints a picture of a multi-talented individual. Where do your influences come from?

My inspiration mostly stems from things around me and day-to-day experiences. I love so many things, therefore, I have a wide field of interests. Singing has always been something I loved doing and will always love doing. My inspiration to sing started after hearing Mariah Carey sing Hero. I was 3 years old and right there I told my mom “mommy when I am all grown up I wanna do that” and the rest is history. Modelling and radio just happened along the way.

In your former life you were a real life G.I. Joe in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). What does that say about you?

Wow ok, I spent a year and a half in the military. I loved it – I learnt so much about myself and the cultures of others. It was an experience I’ll cherish forever. It granted me independence and a chance to explore SA and see remote areas. So I have gained so much out of the experience, I always knew that I was not going to be a soldier for ever and that it was just an experience I had to have. Life is there to be lived so go out and experience it!

Your music career is taking center stage at the moment. What is the golden thread of your latest album?

Yes I am currently working on it. I am very excited to release my music. I was never a recording artist, I always performed live and did covers, now at this point I have decided to work on some original material. It sounds great to me so I hope the public will love it too. I sing about many topics on this EP, including love, social justice and so on.

You maintain that “success is inevitable”. If you were to give young people today one piece of advice on making their mark, what would that be?

Young people [LOL] I still consider myself a “young person”. Advice I can give is, just don’t ever give up, I know it might sound corny, but it so true. You will run into closed doors, people will say no, sometimes it feels hopeless and monotonous and you want to just quit. Persevere, just hang in there, yes’s will appear, doors will open, “success is inevitable”.

Do you have any final public service announcements?

I am also a radio personality so you can tune in to listen to me on Taxi Radio where I host a feature weekdays from 1-2PM. You can also find me on Twitter @leebuckton and Facebook.


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