Hallelujah Thursdays

The onset of winter in Cape Town certainly doesn’t dissuade the avid life enthusiast from experiencing everything that our beautiful city has to offer. There are some awesome catalogues of events highlighted on Cape Town Lately, The Show Guy, and What’s On Cape Town. However, psychology teaches us that decision fatigue is all too real, especially with so many equally valid options on the table. So, to spare you the deteriorating quality of decisions made after a long session of decision making here are my seven things to do over the next seven days:

1. Thursday Late

Address: Sir Lowry Road (and surrounds), Woodstock, 7925

Date(s): Thurs 21 May, from 5-9PM (and late)

Know yourself 2

We are all aware of First Thursdays that takes place in Bree Street and surrounds, but have you heard of Thursday Late that happens in Woodstock? Built on the same principle Thursday Late is a free cultural experience where art galleries, retail stores, restaurants, bars, and other cultural attractions around Woodstock stay open late. My recent blog on Urban Art certainly attests to Woodstock being alive with youthful energy. The participating area stretches from Sir Lowry Road to Salt River Circle, including primary hubs around STEVENSON Gallery, The Woodstock Exchange, The Woodstock Foundry, and the Old Biscuit Mill. Check out who and what is on offer: http://www.first-thursdays.co.za/thursday-late-woodstock/

2. ArtMode

Address: The Palms, 145 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, 7925

Date(s): Thurs 21 May, 6PM to late


The second edition of the acclaimed ARTMODE takes place this evening in the hype of Thursday Late Woodstock. It is a collaboration of art, music and creativity. Created with the aim of extending the reach of talented independent artists by including them in a pop up gallery with the unique attraction of LIVE art performances and live music.

3. Sketch, Books & Other Stories

Address: The Drawing Room Cafe, 87 Station Road, Observatory, 7925

Date(s): 16 May to 13 June 2015


This exhibition features my friend Keith Vlahakis and many others showcasing their sketches, doodles and typography. A more interactive doodling event to look forward to next week Friday 29th May is Drink & Draw at Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock. This is a great participatory outlet.

4. Happy Hour at The Glen Boutique Hotel

Address: The Glen Boutique Hotel, 3 The Glen, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005,

Date(s): Every Friday, 5-7PM

The Glen

As the 2015 winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence as a direct result of consistently great reviews from TripAdvisor travellers, The Glen Boutique Hotel is most certainly the place to start your weekend oiled and revving to go.

5. Liquid Feel Fridays at The Dragon Room

Address: The Dragon Room, 84 Harrington Street, District Six, 8001

Date(s): Fri 22 May, 9-11PM


To celebrate the reopening of The Dragon Room the organisers are hosting Liquid Feel Fridays bringing you some of our best local talent and every bit of insanity this premium venue has to offer.

6. Heavenly House by Hercules Dynamix (HDX)

Address: Jade Champagne Bar & Lounge, 39 Main Road, Greenpoint, 8051

Date(s): Sat 23 May, 9PM-4AM


We’ve got a new kid on the block, Hercules Dynamix (HDX), branding itself as a leading provider in premiere entertainment for the city of Cape Town to welcome the participation of the world. HDX is raising the standards in entertainment, aligning with the organized, the cutting edge, and most innovative of businesses to bring you international performers as well as the best in home grown DJs, venues, and spectacles. Their next instalment is entitled Heavenly House – today is the last day for pre-sale tickets to get your party on. Keep an eye on my blog for a feature interview with HDX’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Eon van Zyl.

7. TEMPOrium v4.0 by The Avant Garden

Address: Jackal & Hide, 108 Kloof Street, Gardens, 8001.

Date(s): Thurs 28 May, 6PM-2AM

Tem 4.0 FB

The last Thursday in May brings us a touch of fashion, wine and everything fine at TEMPORIUM 4.0 courtesy of The Avant Garden. The aim of The Avant Garden is to inspire a movement that sparks and enables growth amongst young, talented, creative professionals through “connecting creativity”. The event directs focus towards the accessibility and affordability of hot, local designers’ threads and accessories in a pop-up style sale with an air of exclusivity.

What can I look forward to?

In version 4.0, guests can expect:

  • mini fashion shows
  • designer sales
  • drinks specials
  • raffles
  • photo booth
  • beauty bar

All accompanied by the energy, creativity, conversation and networking that The Avant Garden ceaselessly inspires. You know you’ve made it as a blogger when you are added to the Press List (LOL). I am looking forward to interviewing Gabriela Fraser, Founder/Director/Designer of Gabriela Fraser Designs and The Avant Garden for an upcoming blog feature. So watch this space.

Keep it fluid, Alexis Pillay

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