Sun’s out rum’s out

Rachel Halpren put her finger on it when she observed an ever-growing trend among #foodporn hippies – water cocktails. What are these exactly? “Water cocktails involve the use of water as an infusion for cocktails or as a starring ingredient in the cocktail”. For our Corpus Christi fiesta we did exactly that, making sparking mineral water the star, and not just any sparkly, but the iconic San Pellegrino, flowing since the 1300’s from the three springs of a natural mineral basin at the foot of a dolomite mountain in Bergamo Province, Lombardy, Italy.

san pellegrino

With the sun out this winter weekend I thought I should share my seven tips for bringing your very own cocktail party to life:

  1. Replace carbonated sodas with San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water
  2. Choose light-coloured alcohols like champagne, vodka and white rum
  3. Switch out flavoured syrups with free range honey
  4. Great sidekicks are local and Belgian craft beers
  5. For a playful edge add cherries, strawberries, oranges or lemons
  6. Top off your drink with amazing friends
  7. Complement the festive libation with a cheeseboard of brie, camembert, figs, nougat and roasted nuts.



Check out insane recipes for the best drinks with sparkling mineral water. Thanks to Clear World for bringing Italian sophistication to our doorstep. Follow them on Facebook and see if you can spot the brand in my upcoming posts.

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