About Me

Je suis Alexis Pillay.

This blog initially started out as a diary in 2012 when I took up a sabbatical at the University of Antwerp. The amorphous blob took shape in 2015 after much cajoling from blogger friends who wanted me to be part of the movement.

A quote that really defined the career reincarnation I set out on at the start of 2017 was from the film Miss Sloane, with the acclaimed Jessica Chastain, “career suicide is not so bad when you consider the alternative is suicide by career”. I left a highly successful career as an Internship Programme Manager at the Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative (CiTi) to become a curious explorer traveling the world. My interests are diverse but what remains constant is my passion to enter the worlds of dynamic people through their weird and wonderful journeys to meaningful living.

At Curious Humanics I bring you insightful, inspired and intrepid features about this and that, mostly that, focused on lifestyle, art, travel, careers and human interest stories.

“Humanics (n., pl.) in form but singular in construction hu·man·ics \hyüˈmaniks also yü-\ is the subject or study of human nature or human affairs”.

I hope that you will get as much enjoyment from these stories as I do in curating them. Like, comment, share and follow because it definitely becomes curiouser and curiouser!

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @alexisangelus

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